Doing Your Laundry When You are Staying in an Apartment

Staying in the apartment or dorm could be very hard as sometime you don’t have the freedom to do whatever you want especially the washing of your clothes and beddings. The owner of the dorm or apartment could have their own reasons on why they are doing this specially to secure the faucets and the water usage and electricity consumption. Others are very worried about the problem that may occur and the need to hire the emergency plumbing repair services Clarkston just to fix the problem and make everything fine. It could be sad that you can’t wash even your own underwear as there is no place for you to hang them or to try them inside the apartment there.  

Here are some ideas in doing your laundry if you are staying in an apartment or a dormitory and you can’t wash your laundry there because of the strict rules. 

  1. Collecting your laundry in one place or a basket: You need to collect all your dirty clothes in one place or even using a basket so that it would not be messy inside your dorm or apartment rooms there. You don’t want also to carry the clothes around your body when you go to the nearest laundry shop in your area as other people might laugh at you there. Of course, you need to know and sort your clothes accordingly like the dark clothes from the white or light colors of the clothes as it would save you time. You need to fold well as well the beddings or blanket that you have and make sure to bring some money for the payment to the laundromat and the soap.  
  2. Washing your dirty clothes at the same time: You need to know the time in which most of the people would go there as you could avoid this time and it won’t make you feel even tired there. You could go there early in the morning or the opening time or during the afternoon when most of the people are working or the students are at their school. If there is a free machine to use, then you need to load your clothes there and make sure that it won’t be too much as it won’t work well. Put the soap and the fabric conditioner if you want to make your clothes smelling great and choose the temperature including the coin that you have to insert to slots.  
  3. Time to dry your clothes: After having your clothes washed, you are now ready for the last step which is the drying of your clothes and you need to look for the available machine there. You need to check if there are clothes inside and if none, then you could load your clothes there one by one and choose the time and put the coins. After doing all the steps, then you are ready to get your clothes from the dryer and you can now fold the clothes and ready to go home.