Is Play Slime Safe?

With the popularity of playing slime these days, many concerned parents would like to know if playing with slime is safe for their kids. Generally, play slime are safe. However, it may contain ingredients that could cause allergy to some children. To be safe, you have to know what’s inside every package of slime that you buy. 


For starters, some slimes contain borax, laundry detergent, and contact solution. If you know for a fact that your child is allergic to detergents, then don’t let him or her play with slime. If you do, then you are likely to find rashes in his or her arms.  

Also, slime is not intended for children who are younger than five years old as they may mistake it for food and put them in their mouths. While slime is generally non-toxic, it is not supposed to be ingested. If your child ingests slime with borax or saline solution, then it can make your child ill.  

How are Slimes Made? 

Slimes can be made using different materials and ingredients. It all depends on what solution you want to use to create the gooey material that your kid wants to play with. As mentioned above, some slime contains borax, liquid detergent, and contact solutions. Others, on the other hand, are made with white glue, shampoo, cornstarch, and shaving cream. The other ingredients used in making slimes are glitter, beads, and food coloring.  

To make a regular slime, you simply have to combine two to three of the ingredients listed above plus water. For example, if you want to create a cleaning slime, all you need is borax and white glue plus water. Just mix the ingredients until you achieve the consistency that you wanted.  

Of course, there are different types of slime and the way to make each of them is different. Essentially, if you want to create a borax-free slime, you’re going to need around 4 oz of white glue, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and one-fourth tablespoon of contact solution. Just mix all of these ingredients in a bowl for a few minutes until you achieve a slime consistency. You’re doing it right if the resulting mixture is stretchy and moist but not sticky.  

Do Slimes have a Shelf Life?   

Slimes can only last for too long. To preserve their consistency, they have to be stored in airtight containers. Doing so will prevent the slime from drying. That way, your child can play with it for several days. Slimes can also be stored inside the fridge so that it will last for a whole month without the fear of molding or drying out.  

While it’s generally easy to make slime, it’s better to buy them from reputable online stores instead. There, you’ll find cheap slime that your kids will enjoy playing. There are different types of slime and you can buy each one to find out which kind your child will enjoy playing with the most. There are slimes with glitter and slimes with beads. These are added features of slimes that makes playtime even more exciting and interesting.  



Should You Hire a Handyman or a Contractor?

Handymen are the best assistants of homeowners. These service providers can handle a wide range of tasks around the house, which means they can do more than one job in each visit. That’s why creating a good working relationship with a reputable handyman is crucial so that you have someone to call if there’s any problem with your home.  With a handyman that knows every structure and detail of your home, it’s easier to explain to them the problem that you’re having. They can also provide you with the best solution fast.  


However, there’s this big question that most homeowners ask, and it’s about whether it’s better to hire a handyman or a contractor. When you look at it closely, you do have advantages and disadvantages to each. Only then you’ll be able to decide which person can do the job better.   

Handymen versus Home Contractors  

Although there are some overlaps between a handyman’s service and that of a home contractor, you’ll also see distinct differences between them. A contractor work’s, like installing the electrical system of your home, requires a permit issued by the state. Contractors are generally specialized in a single area of house repair and construction.  

In contrast, handymen are generalists. They can competently handle several small home improvements or maintenance duties. They don’t need a permit to provide their services, although it is vital that you hire only insured handyman for your own security and protection. Also, handyman can’t do certain tasks that require a state-issued license. 

What Can a Handyman Do? 

Almost all households have a list of tasks that needs to be completed. Homeowners that do not have the time or ability to handle the job themselves should simply hire a handyman to do all those tasks. For starters, handymen can be hired to clean up your indoors and outdoors. They can also do mold removal, pressure washing, and trash disposal.   

If you have a lawn or a garden, then they can take care of it for you seasonally or year-round. They can also help you install hardscape features such as decks and fencesPainting and small-scale carpentry jobs, including molding and wainscoting are offered as well.  

Inside your home, a handyman can help by installing and repairing basic home appliances, insulating your HVAC system, waterproofing your basement, plastering or patching drywall, and grouting or caulking tiles. They can also hang artwork, curtains, and blinds, assemble cabinets and furniture and install bathroom fixtures, lights, and ceiling fans. They can handle almost all types of minor household repairs.  

Why Hire a Handyman 

If your home doesn’t need major repairs, then the services of a handyman would suffice. Simply look for one that you can trust and foster a good working relationship with him. Hiring a Baton Rouge handyman is not very different from hiring any other professional. You must go through the same things, such as do a background check, check his skills, and read his reviews. Of course, you should also ask for a quote because you want to hire somebody who can provide you with the best service at the least possible rate. 


Great Hacks in Detecting the Water Leaks

No one would want to suffer from the trouble that a water leakage can result in your house and even to the areas where you didn’t expect to happen there. Of course, you should not wait for the plumber from the plumbing repair company to fix the problem there as you need to try your best to stop the problem. You need to know some skills and knowledge when it comes to preventing this thing to happen especially in the kitchen as it would damage some of the house appliances. It is important that you can find the cause of the problem as it would help you to solve and fix it and to avoid getting a plumber to pay.  

It could be very hard to find the problem but you can do some inspections and there could be some things that you could try to check and look around 


It is common for the parents especially to all the moms to check the toilet or the bathroom area as they would be the very first thing that we use. We can see the toilet bowl or the flush of it if there is any malfunction or the leaks under it or through the walls of the pipes to it. Sometimes that problems could not be detectable so you need to use your eyes carefully to check all the sides and corners of the bathroom and the toilet room area. If you think that you can’t see anything, then you might want to use your ears as you could probably hear a strange noise and sound coming from the hose.  


There are times that we need to check the outside tank of the shower to know the real problem there as it is important for the whole family to do. You could also hear a sound if there is a problem with the tank of the water and if there is a problem, you need to call the professional plumber.  


Of course, you could check the water meter or line that you have in your property to know if the water is continuously consuming even you are not using it. If this would be the case then you need to call the water company to inform them about the situation and they could send someone to fix it right away.  


If you can’t find it inside the house, then you need to check all the pipes and the house outside the house as there could be something wrong there.  


Some of the leaks could happen to those areas that we don’t usually see like the walls in the kitchen and even to the ceiling part of the house.  


Things to Consider for Photobooth 

The photo booth has been always considered as one of the most amazing booths that you will encounter especially when you wanted to have some souvenirs in time. As we all know a photo makes a thousand word so by being able to know what are the things that are needed to consider then you will really have a great time. That is why when people tend to be planning on having a photo booth in any occasions that they have they must have a theme to follow in. Some people tend to be asking for help from professional like what Metairie photo booth are giving to the customers that they are rendering some services in the time in. 

  Things to Consider for Photobooth 

                               Same as other things like baking and even cleaning the house that you are planning on doing you should consider some things in order to have an efficient photo booth. Because we all know that when you know what are these considerations are then you will be able to have more fun and more attractiveness that will stick around it. some of the ideas and things that are needed to be considered are sometimes needing some research and surfing on the internet so you must consider some factors in time. In this article, we are going to introduce and give you some ideas on what are the things that are needed to do in order to have the best photo booth. 

                The first thing that you will consider when you are planning on having a photo booth in the events that you are attending or hosting is having some props. Props add another sense of style and fun to the people who are planning on taking photos in the booth that you are making in for the time that you spent. In addition to that, another thing that you must consider having when you are planning on having a photo booth in the event that you own is some speech bubble. This kind of thing tends to be able to let the people show the things that they wanted to say to the people why taking a photo in booths. 

                Since photo booth tends to be needing some theme that could be a huge factor when you wanted to look cool in the souvenir that you wanted then you should consider. In that way, you will be able to know what are the things that you wanted to put just to show the people that you are giving your visitors. Lastly, when you are planning on having a photo booth on any occasion that you are planning or hosting in for the meantime you should consider the budget in making. Because as we all know that money has been always one of the biggest factors when you are planning on making some things like making a photo booth in time. 

                Always remember that a photo booth is also considered as a medium to get a souvenir so always consider making it awesome. 



Doing Your Laundry When You are Staying in an Apartment

Staying in the apartment or dorm could be very hard as sometime you don’t have the freedom to do whatever you want especially the washing of your clothes and beddings. The owner of the dorm or apartment could have their own reasons on why they are doing this specially to secure the faucets and the water usage and electricity consumption. Others are very worried about the problem that may occur and the need to hire the emergency plumbing repair services Clarkston just to fix the problem and make everything fine. It could be sad that you can’t wash even your own underwear as there is no place for you to hang them or to try them inside the apartment there.  

Here are some ideas in doing your laundry if you are staying in an apartment or a dormitory and you can’t wash your laundry there because of the strict rules. 

  1. Collecting your laundry in one place or a basket: You need to collect all your dirty clothes in one place or even using a basket so that it would not be messy inside your dorm or apartment rooms there. You don’t want also to carry the clothes around your body when you go to the nearest laundry shop in your area as other people might laugh at you there. Of course, you need to know and sort your clothes accordingly like the dark clothes from the white or light colors of the clothes as it would save you time. You need to fold well as well the beddings or blanket that you have and make sure to bring some money for the payment to the laundromat and the soap.  
  2. Washing your dirty clothes at the same time: You need to know the time in which most of the people would go there as you could avoid this time and it won’t make you feel even tired there. You could go there early in the morning or the opening time or during the afternoon when most of the people are working or the students are at their school. If there is a free machine to use, then you need to load your clothes there and make sure that it won’t be too much as it won’t work well. Put the soap and the fabric conditioner if you want to make your clothes smelling great and choose the temperature including the coin that you have to insert to slots.  
  3. Time to dry your clothes: After having your clothes washed, you are now ready for the last step which is the drying of your clothes and you need to look for the available machine there. You need to check if there are clothes inside and if none, then you could load your clothes there one by one and choose the time and put the coins. After doing all the steps, then you are ready to get your clothes from the dryer and you can now fold the clothes and ready to go home.